Roblox Script Executor Aimbot Esp



✓ Kick player

✓ Serverban Player

✓ UnServerban Id (UserId)

✓ Edit Robux and Money (in some Games) to -99999999, 99999999 Robux/Money Value.

✓ Fly hack

✓ NoClip

✓ Give Weapons

✓ Give Godmode

✓ NoRecoil

✓ No spread

✓ Player ESP

✓ Player Glow ESP

✓ Skeleton ESP

✓ Box ESP

✓ Health Bar ESP

✓ Wallhack

✓ Edit Sky (Rainbow Mode, Night Mode, Day Mode, Color Mode = every Color you want )

✓ Spinbot

✓ Kill all

✓ Kick all

✓ Ban All

I will explain some features in this blog and show how they work as we are one of the few or the first to have so many features for each game and we can even give us a lot of stuff like Robux and more.

The first feature I will explain is Kick Player

Kick Player is one of our first features implemented in our Roblox Cheat.

Now I’ll explain what Kick Player is, with Kick Player you can kick other players who annoy you or others, want to kill you all the time, scam or fool you.

The good thing about this feature is that is the first cheat provider to have this feature because other cheats don’t have it and haven’t figured out how to code this feature.

Kick Player works on almost every server, but on the popular and most played servers the feature works that we have tested it for a long time and very often, others have even tried it and not only our developers who have found this bypass and implemented it and please let us know if Kick Player doesn’t work on a server so that we can fix it immediately so that it works on the server you reported to us because we pay a lot of attention to our community and the users of royal cheats and we want you to remain loyal users Appreciate our work because we are one of the best developers ever, especially in the cheat coding business. As soon as you report a server to us, you help us and others to enjoy this feature on more and more servers.

Our 2nd feature is Serverban Players:

Serverban Player is the 2nd feature that no other Roblox Cheat/Lua Executer has.

Serverban Player can be used on most servers

but not on every server but only on 44% of the servers because unfortunately we don’t have or haven’t found a bypass for every server yet, but we will work out this feature 100% so that it works everywhere because we want you to be able to ban others who annoy you, Trolls, kidding or scamming want without you having to call an admin or supporter. Please report any server that this feature is not working on so we can fix it and give you a good experience using this feature without any problems.



Unbanserverid is another feature that none or very few Roblox cheats have. This feature allows you to unban your friends on any server where they have been banned, i.e. they can be banned as many times as they want and you can easily unban them with just one click, you’re probably wondering how this feature is supposed to work , we can’t say that exactly because otherwise Roblox can fix this bug, but I can give you some little information about it. We have found a loophole in Roblox that allows us to have this unban feature as one of the few Roblox cheats and we will not help others to make this feature either as we are always banging our heads through the wall and coughing like Michael Buffer aka Buffa the developer.

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