Script DD Esp Pubg Mobile


First we need the support software:

You go to Google to find 3 applications named VPN Strange, GameGuardian apk and Virtual (Octopus mod)

If the Root machine does not need to download Virtual

- Instructions for No Root:

Wrong when download finished

Install GameGuardan -> Select No Origin and wait for it to install when the notification comes to another web that is successful and we exit.

Install Virtal then add GameGuardian, PUBG needs to hack to be able to use.

Start GameGuardian for it to turn into a bubble (popup), then Start PUBG game

Click on the bubble again (Popup) to find the script execution button -> which leads to the script file -> the executable will have a hack menu.

During the hacking process, remember to open the VPN and add the Host to avoid the nick

Host and SCRIPT hack, choose the type you like

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